I´m Amelie Enroth, born 2001, student on the media-assistant line in Prakticum. From Porvoo. I speak fluent swedish, finnish and english. My interest in photography began at a young age when my mother gave me my first camera. Ever since that day to this moment my passion and fire for photography has only been growing.


It’s easy for me to work with other people and I am open to experience new situations and to work with new people. I´m very sympathetic and empathic, I always think about other people before myself.


During my life I’ve traveled to countries such as France, Japan,Great-Britain, Germany and the USA. I’ve found myself on the streets of LA, casinos in Las Vegas and the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco many times, even had the chance to see Times Square in New York City and the Yokohama Landmark Tower. For all my travels I am able to thank all of the car races and events my dad loves going to. It’s thanks to him that I, also am interested in cars.

Focused on:
 people, sports, cars, traveling

Main interests: 
 fashion, cars,  music

Photoshop 60%
Illustrator 60%
InDesign 45%
Premiere Pro 55%
Lightroom 70%
Avid 45%
WordPress 75%